FAQ about our wines

Frequently asked questions about our wines

I’ve ordered a case from you, how quickly should I drink the wine?

All the wines have been tasted and selected as being ready to drink now.  However, there is no immediate  hurry to drink any of the wines in as they are all of a sufficient quality to evolve and develop further in the bottle if well stored in a cool place.

Do you sell any vegan wines?

Yes most of the wines listed are suitable for vegetarian/vegans (with the exception of the ‘Old is Gold‘ and ‘Viva España‘ cases). Please contact us if you need any further guidance.

How do you find your wine suppliers?

That would be telling.. .Trade secrets and all but can be anything from a chance tasting in a restaurant in a wine region  to a recommendation from a friendly grower, or international wine shows and tastings.

I REALLY like one of the wines in a mixed case, can I order more?

Yes should not be a problem a minimum of 6 bottles per wine would apply. Please contact us if you’d like to order extras of any of our wines.