FAQs about food and wine

Frequently asked questions about food and wines

What should I eat with my wines?

There are no rules, should be what you like based on experience. Taste changes as well.
Gastronomy is a serious business though, a very general rule would be to drink wines with food from the regions in which they are grow, or equivalents thereof. Please check out the individual tasting notes for our wines or, ask us if its something you’d like help with.    

Is there anything I shouldn’t eat with wine?

Wine is food .. so no.

How can I learn more about what to pair with my wine?

Experiment, be curious and have an open mind. We often hold winemaker dinners and tastings with our restaurant customers… It’s a great way to learn.    
Please Contact Us, Raj offers 1:1 sessions and is always happy to pass on his knowledge!