The Italian Job


Wines included in the Italian Job case of 12 mixed Italian wines:

2 x Garganega: Soave Gianni Tessari
2 x Verdicchio: Verdicchio Coste Molina Monte Schiavo
2 x Ribolla Gialla: Vigna Traverso
2 x Corvina Molinara Rodinella: Valpolicella San Pietro Montresor
2 x Nebbiollo: Nebbiolla D’Alba La Sterma La Bioca
2 x Sangiovese: Rosso di Montalcino La Manella Cortonesi


“In Vino Veritas!
The Ancient Greeks dubbed it ‘land of the vine’, hardly surprising as there as many as 800 grape varieties to choose from.So its ‘Mangiare‘,‘Lets eat & drink together’ & ‘Buon vino fa buon sangue’ because ‘good wine makes good blood’”

2 bottles each of three classico white & red wines, that will have you have you reaching for your translation dictionary for superlatives. ‘Avere il vino allegro’ ‘have the happy wine’ & no I have not been drinking!

Soave Gianni Tessari

Grape variety: Garganega
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Soave
Vintage: 2019
ABV: 12%
Veteran winemaker & grower
Gianni Tessari’s skill,is the key to this delicious pure expression of Garganega grown on volcanic soils in the prized Monteforte d’Alpone zone. Perfumed with apricot aromas & notes of chamomile & elderflower, & lovely ripe citrusy palate, try some grilled polenta with courgette & chilli, it will go nicely. .

Verdicchio Coste Molina Monte Schiavo

Grape variety: Verdicchio
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Marche
Vintage: 2019
ABV: 13.5%
Question.. did the famous fish soup of the Adriatic- brodetto, exist before the arrival of Verdicchio ? or was it the other way round, who knows ? in any event, should the two inevitably & deliciously end up together on your table I’m guessing you’ll be thinking mmm ..this wine is Marche Muscadet, for it is indeed that.

Vigna Traverso

Grape variety: Ribolla Gialla
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Fruili Colli Orientali
Vintage: 2019
ABV: 13%
Located on the eastern Italian border with Slovenia , the local ancient Ribolla Gialla has Greek origins & when done well, as here in Traversos wine, is the most interesting Fruilian variety aromatically & texturally.Full bodied with citrus & stone fruit flavours & enough weight to deal with the notoriously strong flavoured cuisine of the region salamis smoke cheeses& the like.

Valpolicella San Pietro Montresor

Grape variety: Corvina Molinara Rodinella
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Valpolicella
Vintage: 2020
ABV: 12.5%
Good young Valpol must never be taken for granted , a wine which should be all about balance of fruit,weight ,body & most important of all gluggability. Violets red plum and a touch of bitterness is required for it is the most versatile partner for most cuisine ,although rabbit cacciatore would be ideal.

Nebbiolla D’Alba La Sterma La Bioca

Grape variety: Nebbiollo
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Alba Langhe
Vintage: 2019
ABV: 15%
From this small ambitious winery in Serralunga,Bioca is Piedmontese dialect for a tough single minded person(who might that be?) and a testament to the dedication required to make great wine in this famous region.From the fabled slopes of Monteforte D’Alba this powerful wine has been tamed by ageing naturally in clay amphora to produce this expressive cherry & rose petal scented wine that possesses abundant energy & do i detect truffle?

Rosso di Montalcino La Manella Cortonesi

Grape variety: Sangiovese
Country of origin: Italy
Region: Tuscany Montalcino
Vintage: 2018
ABV: 14.5%
The quintessential small family producer, Cortonesi are justly proud of their Tuscan heritage, with beautiful vineyards near Montesoli.They describe their work with the Sangiovese Grosso as ‘our commandments’a phrase that tells you everything about these people,their Rosso is a genuine baby Brunello,wild boar would be served in Montalcino but wild venison is equally fine as we are near Ashton Court.


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